The making of CHLF salon....

Edna and Diana being both part of the local music scene met and bonded thru djing,dancing,drinking (and doing hair,naturally).The dynamic duo solidified after unifying music forces as “DJ like female” a sexy tracks based night intended to cater an audience looking for a dancy-hot-beats kinda night.Many tracks later it became evident that a shared vision wasn't only towards music, but hair.

A “neutral-ready to wear” concept salon was born, featuring a cruelty free product line that complements the ambitious project.

Located Downtown in the heart of East Village, San Diego CA




SKYLER, HUNTER, WEDNESDAY, BERLINFRANKIE, RIVER and PHOENIX are the essential 7 for the ON-THE-GO lifestyle.Inspired by unisex names, <byCHLF> reflects the future in the beauty industry.Emphasizing in natural texture and clean finish, from curly to straight, each product can be used for different purposes. 

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Edna Lugo               

Edna's hair journey includes editorial,education,platform work and lots of good times behind the chair.After 11 years of precision haircutting and creative coloring this design enthuciast opened up shop as CUT HAIR LIKE FEMALE (CHLF), an online based brand featuring apparel with bold aesthetics meant to encourage females in the hair industry, little did she know this little side project would become something more...

Hairdresser/Photographer/Educator />@ednalugo


Diana Reyes                                       

With over 10 years on the beauty industry Diana's work has been featured in fashion magazines,music videos, fashion blogs and runway shows.With her signature style and her capacity to create eye-catching looks it goes without saying that her passion for texture, chroma and eclecticism translates directly in her work.her specialties include bridal, special effects, runway, theatre and film.

Hairdresser/MUA/Educator /> @dianareyesprofessional